The video details the business of Brownstone and the sequence of events that occur during the entire acquisition process, Bring Me A Customer (BMAC). It consists of 6 chapters as follows:

• Introduction (4min52sec)
An introduction to Brownstone and the basic concepts of Direct Marketing

• Data (2min13sec)
The first step in BMAC which details how data is selected

• Targeting (2min38sec)
The client’s options on whether to use his/her own analysts for targeting are explored and this is the second step in BMAC

• Initiation (0min24sec)
The third step in BMAC which involves the selection of an initiation channel

• Fulfillment (3min37sec)
The acquisition and fulfillment step is the final step in BMAC and involves Brownstone acquiring the customer for the client

• Risk Model (4min18sec)
Outlines the entry and exit points available to the client and how remuneration is calculated

News Feed
  • The pending Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) – which is expected to cut down on unwanted telemarketing calls – could inadvertently lead to as many as 35 000 jobs being lost in three years.
  • Brownstones analytical tools are now empowered by Business Optics, which is a cloud-based computational knowledge management system.