The Sectors


Brownstone has a strong background in the banking industry and is a specialist in targeting prospect pools in the Retail Space, specifically related to lending products. Currently Brownstone is actively involved in the marketing of a wide range of Credit Card, Loan and Investment products through various channels.


Brownstone has built highly effective models in the Personal Insurance realm across a variety of targeted outcomes that cover most insurance products available in the market place, namely:

• Response models to target higher responding populations
• Persistency models on active, cancelled and lapsed books to determine reactivation strategies
• Cross-selling and Upgrade of targeting


Brownstone has worked with the majority of cellular and fixed line providers in South Africa. They currently acquire cellular, fixed line and ADSL contracts through their outsourced contact centres.


Brownstone has supplied targeted prospect pools to the major retailers in South Africa for the acquisition of new customers through various channels. These pools not only targeted optimal response to the campaigns but also ensured that credit worthy individuals were contacted.


Brownstone is involved on ingoing security campaigns whereby prospect pools are contacted via SMS and outbound call centres on a daily basis.

News Feed
  • The pending Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) – which is expected to cut down on unwanted telemarketing calls – could inadvertently lead to as many as 35 000 jobs being lost in three years.
  • Brownstones analytical tools are now empowered by Business Optics, which is a cloud-based computational knowledge management system.