The Process

This entire process is Brownstone’s acquisition chain Bring Me A Customer (BMAC). There are four defined steps in the process:

• Data: The campaign is initiated by either selecting data from Brownstone’s non-affinity prospect pool or alternatively overlaying the clients database on FEDS and deriving greater knowledge of his current base

• Targeting: The client can use his/her own analysts to model the data for extraction or he/she may use the Brownstone team

• Initiation: An initiation channel is chosen and again the client chooses whether to use his own resources or that of Brownstone’s

• Fulfillment: This step of acquisition and fulfillment involves Brownstone acquiring the customer for the client.

BMAC epitomizes the manner in which direct marketing should be done by reducing the cost of customer acquisition and concurrently adhering to the required compliance in terms of the Customer Protection Act and the proposed Protection of Personal Information Act. The client has the option to enter or exit at any of the steps in the process. Remuneration is dependent on the options chosen by the client.

News Feed
  • The pending Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) – which is expected to cut down on unwanted telemarketing calls – could inadvertently lead to as many as 35 000 jobs being lost in three years.
  • Brownstones analytical tools are now empowered by Business Optics, which is a cloud-based computational knowledge management system.