Brownstone is a marketing analytics company specializing in the accumulation, enrichment, controlled dissemination and modeling of data to target specified outcomes.

Our database consists of approximately 52 million unique records with a vast array of historical information attached to each instance. This information is exclusive to Brownstone and gives our data the depth and intelligence that is crucial to successful campaign modeling and analytics.

The data generated from each and every campaign iteration is managed by our proprietary data management software application called FEDS, which allows our clients to enhance their existing databases with data variables they could not otherwise access.

Through our customized data and campaign management solution, we have taken the basics of direct marketing and developed specialized communication, acquisition and retention processes across a range of industries and product types.

We have also developed a truly unique business tool called BITS, which is the first and probably only fully integrated cloud-based telecommunications and leads management system in South Africa.

Our experience in managing acquisition and retention initiatives across various communication channels, coupled with our strict adherence to both current and pending legislation and our outcomes based pricing models allows our clients to de-risk their direct marketing activities.

News Feed
  • The pending Protection of Personal Information Act (POPI) – which is expected to cut down on unwanted telemarketing calls – could inadvertently lead to as many as 35 000 jobs being lost in three years.
  • Brownstones analytical tools are now empowered by Business Optics, which is a cloud-based computational knowledge management system.